Flying Together Travel Benefits: How to Access and Understand Your United Employee Privileges

United Airlines offers a range of travel benefits for its employees, and understanding how to access and make the most of these privileges can significantly enhance your experience working for the airline.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate the Flying Together travel benefits:

Accessing Your Travel Benefits

To access your travel benefits, you’ll need to log into the Flying Together platform.

This is the internal United Airlines website where employees can manage their travel benefits, among other things.

  1. Log In: Navigate to the Flying Together website and enter your United user ID and password.
  2. Navigate to Travel: Once logged in, look for the travel or benefits section of the site. This is where you’ll find information about your travel privileges.

Understanding Your Travel Benefits

United Airlines offers various types of travel benefits, typically including:

  • Standby Travel: As an employee, you can fly on a standby basis for free or at significantly reduced rates. Standby travel is subject to seat availability and is not guaranteed.
  • Buddy Passes: These are travel certificates that you can give to friends or family members, allowing them to travel at reduced rates on a standby basis.
  • Confirmed Space: Some travel benefits might allow you to book confirmed space at reduced rates, depending on your level within the company and other factors.

Priority and Eligibility

When traveling on standby, priority is usually based on your employment status and seniority.

Understanding how priority works is crucial, as it affects your likelihood of getting a seat on a flight.

Eligibility for different types of benefits may vary based on factors like your job role, length of service, and work performance.

Managing Travel Plans

On Flying Together, you can view flight loads, list of flights, check-in for flights, and manage your travel plans.

Here’s how to manage your travel:

  1. Listing for a Flight: When you decide to travel, you’ll need to list yourself for the desired flight(s) as a standby passenger.
  2. Flight Loads: Check the number of available seats versus the number of standby passengers listed to gauge your chances of getting on the flight.
  3. Check-In: If you secure a seat, you’ll need to check in for your flight, just like regular passengers.

Travel Policies and Guidelines

Make sure you understand and adhere to United’s travel policies and guidelines. This includes dress codes, check-in procedures, behavior expectations, and other travel-related rules.

United Airlines may have specific requirements for non-revenue travelers that differ from those for fare-paying passengers.

  1. Dress Code: Non-revenue passengers are often required to dress in a business casual manner. The exact requirements can be found on the Flying Together website.
  2. Check-In Procedures: Standby travelers typically need to check in for flights within a certain time frame before departure. Familiarize yourself with these time frames to ensure you’re at the gate when needed.
  3. Behavior Expectations: As a representative of United Airlines, you’re expected to conduct yourself professionally at all times. This includes being courteous to airline staff and fellow passengers.

Using Travel Benefits Responsibly

When using travel benefits, it’s important to plan carefully and have backup options, as standby travel is not guaranteed.

Be prepared for situations where flights are full, and you may need to wait for another flight or choose an alternative route.

Taxes and Fees

While travel benefits significantly reduce the cost of flying, be aware that you may still be responsible for paying any applicable taxes, fees, or surcharges.

These costs can vary depending on the destination and type of travel benefit used.

International Travel

For international travel, ensure you understand the visa and entry requirements of your destination country.

Some countries may require a return ticket for entry, which can be complicated with standby travel. Always have the necessary documentation to avoid issues at immigration.

Partner Airlines and Alliances

United Airlines is part of the Star Alliance network and may also have agreements with other airlines. This can expand your travel benefits to include flights operated by partner airlines.

Be sure to understand the different rules and booking procedures for partner airline travel.

Retirement and Separation Benefits

If you retire from United Airlines or leave the company, you may still be eligible for certain travel benefits.

Check the company’s policy on post-employment benefits to understand what you’re entitled to and how to maintain access to these privileges.

Support and Questions

If you have questions or need support with your travel benefits, the Flying Together platform typically offers resources and contact information for United’s employee travel department.

Utilize these resources to get the most out of your travel privileges.


Flying Together travel benefits are a valuable part of being a United Airlines employee.

By understanding how to access and use these benefits, you can enjoy the world of travel opportunities they provide. Always remember to plan ahead, be flexible,

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