United Airlines is a trusted leader in the global aviation industry.

The company has sustained not just by its extensive services provided to passengers, but also by the value it assigns to its employees. FlyingTogether platform helps its employees to manage their work-life effectively through the online work management tool portal.

FlyingTogether Initiative

It aligns perfectly with United’s vision of creating a cohesive work environment that promotes mutual trust and collaboration. Designed to unify the vast workforce spread across numerous locations worldwide, “FlyingTogether” acts as a centralized platform for United Airlines employees to facilitate information exchange and collaboration.

It’s a dedicated space designed for employees to connect, engage, and access vital organizational information – a testament to the company’s commitment to maintaining transparency and open channels of communication.

The aim is to create an inclusive digital community that encapsulates the spirit of togetherness and seamless communication consistent with United’s ethos.

Essential Information

Understanding the intricacies of airline operations can be overwhelming. Hence, It serves as a repository of key operational details—schedules, HR policies, benefits, and more.

The platform serves as a central hub, rich with professional resources. Important updates, benefits, paystubs, operational guidelines, and more – are all curated in one place.

Plus, it provides a transparent window into the updates and achievements of the company, enhancing employee engagement and alignment with organizational goals.

Support and Assistance

To enhance the user experience, the platform features a dedicated help portal, ensuring employees understand how to make the most of the available resources in the flyingtogether united login.

Trained support professionals ensure that any potential confusion or technical issues faced while navigating the platform are quickly resolved, contributing to an efficient and seamless user experience.

A Career at United Airlines

“Flying Together” is an extensive hub offering comprehensive details about career opportunities at United.

Employees get a snapshot of the potential avenues of growth, learn about available roles, and also find answers to some commonly asked questions surrounding careers at United Airlines.

Embracing Diversity

United Airlines has always recognized and cherished the plethora of backgrounds and perspectives its employees bring to the table.

In the global and multicultural ecosystem that United Airlines operates in, diversity and inclusion are ingrained in its DNA. Through explicit emphasis on these principles on the platform, it communicates a clear message of respect and appreciation towards individual uniqueness in the workplace.