Flying Together Training Resources: Enhancing Your Skills Through the United Intranet

The United Airlines intranet, known as Flying Together, is an invaluable resource for employees seeking to enhance their professional skills and knowledge.

Through this platform, United provides a variety of training resources tailored to the diverse roles within the airline.

Here’s an expert overview of how employees can utilize the Flying Together training resources:

Accessing Training Resources

To access the training materials, employees must first log into the Flying Together platform.

This can be done by visiting the FlyingTogether website and entering their United user ID and password.

Types of Training Resources Available

Once logged in, employees will find a comprehensive hub that includes:

  • E-Learning Modules: Interactive online courses covering a wide range of topics such as safety procedures, customer service, compliance, and operational efficiency.
  • Training Videos: Visual content to demonstrate best practices, introduce new policies, or provide step-by-step guides for various tasks.
  • Manuals and Guides: Detailed documents that offer in-depth information on company protocols, job duties, and other important procedures.
  • Skill Development Programs: Opportunities for employees to enroll in programs aimed at developing specific skills relevant to their roles or career advancement within the company.
  • Webinars and Live Training Sessions: Scheduled online events where employees can participate in real-time learning experiences and ask questions.

Navigating the Training Section

The Flying Together platform is designed with user experience in mind, categorizing training materials so employees can easily find what they need.

The training section is often segmented by department or job function, allowing for more targeted learning.

Customized Learning Paths

Some departments may offer customized learning paths that include a series of courses and materials designed to prepare employees for specific roles or promotions.

These paths help guide employees through the necessary training in a structured manner.

Tracking Progress

United’s intranet often includes features that allow employees to track their training progress.

Employees can see which courses they’ve completed, which are pending, and any deadlines for mandatory training.

Collaboration and Support

Flying Together might also offer forums or chat functions where employees can discuss training materials, share insights, and seek help from colleagues or supervisors.

Feedback and Improvement

After completing training modules, employees may be prompted to provide feedback.

This feedback is crucial for United to assess the effectiveness of their training resources and make improvements where necessary.

Staying Updated

The airline industry is constantly evolving, and United Airlines regularly updates its training resources to reflect the latest regulations, technologies, and best practices.

Employees should regularly check the Flying Together platform for new and updated training materials to stay current in their knowledge and skills.

Certification and Compliance

For certain roles, especially those involving safety and security, some training modules may be mandatory and linked to certification or regulatory compliance.

Completing these courses on time is essential for maintaining qualifications and adhering to industry standards.

Benefits of Utilizing Flying Together Training Resources

Engaging with the training resources on Flying Together provides several benefits to United Airlines employees:

  • Skill Enhancement: Continuous learning and skill development are key for career growth and job performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Staying compliant with industry regulations is vital, and the training resources ensure employees are up to date with the latest requirements.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Proper training leads to a safer working environment and more efficient operations, benefiting both employees and the company.
  • Career Advancement: By taking advantage of training opportunities, employees can prepare themselves for promotions and new roles within the airline.


The Flying Together training resources are a crucial part of United Airlines’ commitment to employee development and operational excellence.

By actively engaging with these resources, employees can enhance their capabilities, ensure safety and compliance, and contribute to the overall success of the airline.

Employees should make it a regular practice to log in to the Flying Together platform, explore the available resources, and commit to lifelong learning and professional development.

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