Flying Together UAL | United Intranet Login

Welcome to the login guide for United Airlines Employees.

The united intranet is a portal where employees can access employee benefits and HR services.

This platform has made provision of services to all the employees of United.

In the flyingtogether ual login portal, employees get to access health perks, and work schedules, and view their payslips.

All you require to log in to the platform is a username and password.

This guide discusses employee benefits, how to log in, and more about the portal. With this information employees and retirees get to access their accounts thus making their productivity and work seamless.

What is Flying Together United Login?

To login, please visit the united employee login portal
To log in, please visit the united employee login portal

Flying Together ual login is also referred to as United Intranet Portal. It is a self-service website that employees and retirees use to access human resource services. The portal streamlines and organizes work for all United Airlines employees.

Furthermore, flytogether ual is an HR tool that simplifies the provision of services to employees to reduce human-resource-related issues that might reduce productivity.

It enables workers to view payslips, access health benefits, and check work schedules.

On this portal, employees get to access their details and communicate with the human resource officers online about their concerns. Therefore, if you are an employee and want assistance regarding an HR service login to the flyingtogether portal and contact the department.

The is by United Airlines for both previous and present employees.

United Airlines developed this HR self-service tool for employees and solve employee work challenges.

Additionally, this platform enables employees to get real-time information about their work schedules, daily performance, insurance, the latest news, and training.

The Official Website of

The official website of United Flying Together has been confusing to many employees.

The login page of Flying Together UAL - United Intranet Employee Login
Flying Together UAL United Intranet Login

This has been due to the change of URLs from ft.ual.comchanged to

– By United Airlines

Currently, the official URL enables you to log in to the flyingtogether.ual portal is

Scan the QR Code

scan qr to visit flyingtogether ual com
Scan the QR code and visit

Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code below to visit the official flyingtogether ual portal.

In case you find any challenges with the QR code above.

– United Airlines

Please copy the URL and paste it into your browser to visit the website.


Flyingtogether Employee Login Services – Home Page

Once the employee visits the Flying Together portal homepage, they have these options:

  • LOGIN – The important part of the homepage, is where you, an employee of United Airlines have to enter your uID or username and password to enter the United Intranet.
  • Password Help – In case you need any help to recover your password, please enter your uID and click on the password help to start the password recovery process.
  • Login IssuesAre you facing any login issues? Then here you will find contacts of the IT desk support. Use the provided contacts to inform them about sign-in issues and any questions related to the IT desk.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATIONNeed help with the United Information Resources, please refer to the bottom link and learn about the usability and your responsibility.

Things Needed for Flying Together UAL Intranet

You need to have the following details to visit 

  • A smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop with the latest browser application/software.
  • A Reliable and stable internet connection.
  • The employee uID or username.
  • The employee password.

How to do the FlyingTogether United Login Process

  • On your digital device, open the web browser for example, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
  • Go to the search bar of the internet browser and paste this URL (ie.,
  • After it loads you will see a web page that looks like the one below.
United Intranet Login for employees visit
United Intranet Login for employees visit
  • On the login fields, enter your uID or username and password.
  • Now click the login button and you will be redirected to the Flying Together ual employee website dashboard.
Reminder: Ensure that once you open the URL, enter the login details. In case you stay inactive for a long time. The web page will inform you, "Your session has timed out". Please copy and paste the official website link to get the login page.

Steps to Reset Password

Have you forgotten your United Intranet portal password? Don’t worry, here are the steps to reset your password.

  • Visit the official login page.
  • Enter your uID or username and click “Password help”.
The login page of Flying Together UAL - United Intranet Employee Login
Flying Together UAL United Intranet Login
  • You will be redirected to a new web page. Here enter your employee uID or username and tap on “forgot password”.
  • An identity manager page will pop up. Answer the security questions and click ‘login.’
  • A password reset link will be sent to your email.
  • Open the link to enter a new password and go back to the sign-on page.
NOTE: On the occasion you enter the wrong username you will see an error message saying, "You will receive an email about this inquiry".

Old Flying Together Intranet Login Portal

In the past, United Airlines employees had access to the United intranet ual com flyingtogether via 

The company has made several changes to its portal; one is changing the login URL to

Employees need to use this link only. The previous links are still active but you will be redirected automatically to the new website URL.

In the login portal employee works are recorded weekly. Visit your account to view new notifications.

To get the latest news about employee services, and HR benefits please join the United Airlines Flying Together employee forum. App

The app is not available for both iOS and Android devices.

The only way to access the employee account is through web browsers from mobile, desktop, or laptop.

All About the United & non-United Pass Riders

You can follow the same procedure as we have discussed above, even if you are a United Pass Rider or a Non-United Pass Rider.

The same login instructions apply to me Pass Rider. But the username or uID letter will be changed based on your employment status and type.

Please contact your administrator to know about the username or user ID. For security issues, your password will be expired over some time. So we recommend you to change the password occasionally.

If there is any issue with your login, then it is because your password has expired. Please follow the link:, to reset your password.


United Airlines offers an app store for Flying Together at

How can I sign in to

  • Access the official website –
  • Enter your userID or username or uID and the United password.
  • Click on the “Login”

United Airlines: Crew-Access

United Airlines has stopped its Crew Access portal. So the official website of Crew Access UAL login ( is no longer available.

Please update the latest URL as

United Flying Together employeeRES

You can get access to the employeeRES through the official website:

How can I log in to employeeRES?

Visit the official site:

Enter your username and password. & Click on the Login

Did you forget the password? then please get in touch with the United employee who has been given access to log in to reset the password.

Cabin Communication System – CCS Login

The official cabin communication system login is available at

You can visit the UAL CCS login page and enter your Login ID, and United password to access the dashboard.

If you access the login page from the desktop, then click on the “Desktop” link found at the bottom to have a better-optimized page on the desktop.

Likewise, you can click on the Mobile link to view the optimized layout for mobile.

You can manage your login, with access to change the United Password.

Do you have any trouble logging in? Please refer to and check the scheduled outage report. United Airlines, performs a scheduled outage because of the occasional system upgrades.

In some cases, you might need help with Login, please contact the Additional Login Help link at the bottom of the login page.

For login & password related issues:

Please change the United PW at

Also, you might have forgotten your United password. Please reset the United PW at

Call the United Service Desk, if you still have trouble:

Common Problems & Its Solutions Related to FlyingTogether United

Below is a list of common problems related to the flyingtogether login portal and its solutions.

Unable to Login

Login issues arise when the ual employee account is inactive or temporarily locked.

If you are a new United Airline recruit ensure the HR department has activated the United Intranet account for you.

Another reason for your being unable to log into the Flying Together portal is due to wrong account details.

Ensure that you double-check your username and password when you get a login error.

Moreover, cookies, cache, and firewall issues can lead to an employee’s inability to sign in.

Use a different internet browser or clear the cache and cookies.

If you are using Google Chrome, use these steps;

  • Click the three dots on the right side of the chrome
  • Navigate down and tap on settings
  • Select privacy and security
  • Click clear browsing history
  • On-time range, change it to ‘all time.’
  • Now tap on clear data.
Note: The password is case sensitive therefore, check your caps lock whether it is turned on - to avoid getting the account locked.

Wrong Website URL

The wrong web portal URL is another common issue that most employees face. Always check the website link when it does not open.

Also, refer to the official website section above to scan the QR code and access the employee self-service portal.

Poor Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection is another problem that limits employee access to the flyingtogether. When you see ‘no internet’, on your browser please check your internet connection. Turn it off and wait for a minute or two, turn it on again and connect to the internet.

System is Down

Website maintenance or overloading are issues that lead to you getting notified that the system is down. Please visit again after a few hours.

About United Airlines

United Airlines was founded on 6th April 1926 in Boise, Idaho by Walter Varney. Full operation started on 28th March 1931. It is one of the largest American airlines as its headquarters are in Willis Tower, Chicago.

Currently, Scott Kirby is the chief executive officer, Edward Philip is the chairman, and Brett Hart is the president. The company has hubs in Chicago, Denver, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington.

As of 2022, United Airlines has 92, 795 according to Wikipedia. Employees employed on a full-time basis get to access various benefits through the flyingtogether ual login portal.

Careers at United Airlines

Do you aspire to work for United Airlines?

Then there are the departments that you can apply to;

  • Customer relation
  • Flight attendant
  • Corporate
  • Digital Technology
  • Aircraft maintenance and support
  • Airport

United Login to Intranet UAL Details

Founded6th April 1926
Employee or
IT Service Desk800-255-5801 / 847-700-5800

Get complimentary flights as a United Airlines employee:

United Airlines staff members are entitled to various travel benefits, including complimentary flights.

The specific benefits accessible to you will be contingent on your job title and seniority.

For more details regarding your travel benefits, please visit the Employee Services section on the website.

Get Access to your United Airlines paystubs:

To view your United Airlines paystubs, simply login to the Payroll section on the website.

Find your United Airlines work schedule:

To check your United Airlines work schedule, log in to the Work Schedule section on the website.

Get your W-2 as a United Airlines employee:

To access your United Airlines W-2 form, log in to the Payroll section on the website.

Need Help with United Login?

Whenever you are finding a challenge to access the united login.ual portal. Please call the IT Support desk number, connect with any support representative, and seek help for IT-related queries.

  • Dial 800-255-5801, or 847-700-5800 for the IT Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Information is Available at Flying Together?

Employees get to view their paystubs, compensations, company news, work schedules, contact details, HR policies, and access benefits.

What is my United user ID?

Your United user ID starts with U, N, V, or I. Please get in touch with the HR department to receive your United UID or username and password.

How can I log in to the united portal?

You can easily access the portal address at Earlier, the old official URL is

How Do I Reset My Flyingtogether Account Password?

Visit the login page of the United employee portal and enter your username.

Then click ‘password help.’

Follow the steps for you to receive a password reset link in your email.

Click the link to enter a new password then login to the employee account.

Does Flying Together have a Mobile App?

No, There is no app available for Flying Together.

The only way to access the Flying Together Login United portal is by accessing the official link:

Where can I find the login page for United Passrider?

The login page for United Airlines Passrider can be accessed at Please input your Username or uID and Password to sign in to EmployeeRES.