United Airlines Buddy Pass for Employees

A United Airlines Buddy Pass is a benefit that allows employees and their families to travel to various destinations on a standby basis.

These passes are particularly useful for leisure travel, as they offer a chance to fly at a significantly reduced cost, though they do not guarantee a seat.

What is Buddy Pass?

A Buddy Pass is essentially a standby ticket that enables the holder to fly on United Airlines flights if there are unoccupied seats available after all paying passengers have been boarded.

While these passes do not guarantee a seat, they provide a chance to travel at a fraction of the regular ticket cost, covering only the taxes and fees associated with the journey.

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Introduction to United Airlines Buddy Passes

United Airlines extends a unique travel benefit to its employees known as the Buddy Pass.

This program is designed to allow employees to share the joy of travel with their friends and family, offering them the opportunity to fly at a reduced cost.

Understanding the intricacies of how these passes work can help employees and their companions make the most of this valuable perk.

How to Obtain and Use a United Airlines Buddy Pass

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Eligibility for United Airlines Buddy Passes

Active United Airlines employees are eligible to receive Buddy Passes, which they can distribute to their immediate and extended family members or friends.

These passes are a privilege of employment and come with the expectation that they are used responsibly and follow the airline’s policies.

Employees can typically access these passes several times a year, enhancing their benefits package and work-life balance. However, these passes are not available to retired employees.

Employees can receive Buddy Passes up to 12 times per year but must purchase a ticket for a family member or friend to be eligible to receive them.

Benefits of United Airlines Buddy Pass

Buddy Passes are incredibly helpful for employees, offering a tangible benefit that can enhance their lifestyle.

The opportunity to travel at a significantly reduced cost is a unique and valuable aspect of working for United Airlines.

Additionally, the possibility of seat upgrades and flexible travel dates adds to the appeal of using a Buddy Pass.

  • Complimentary for United Airlines employees.
  • Potential upgrades to business, economy, or first class if space is available.
  • Flexibility in choosing travel dates.
  • Access to free travel for employees and their companions, with the stipulation that passes cannot be sold.

The primary advantage of Buddy Passes is the opportunity for free or reduced-cost travel, with the possibility of flying in business, economy, or first class, depending on availability.

Employees can plan their travel dates and enjoy the flexibility these passes provide.

However, these passes cannot be sold for profit.

Rules & Limitations

Buddy Pass travelers are subject to United Airlines’ dress code and are responsible for any taxes and fees associated with their tickets.

Buddy Passes do not guarantee a seat on the flight.

Passengers using Buddy Passes may experience significant delays due to low boarding priority.

Misuse of passes can lead to the employee being held accountable.

Maximizing Buddy Pass Usage

Avoid traveling on weekends and major holidays to increase chances of seat availability.

Opt for flights in the early morning or late at night when they are less busy.

Represent the United Airlines employee professionally at the airport and on the flight.

Arrive at the airport on time and follow the dress and conduct codes.

Be patient at the gate and wait for your name to be called according to boarding priority.

Contact Information

For employees seeking more information about obtaining and using Buddy Passes, United Airlines provides resources and support through their internal communication channels.

Employees can typically access this information through their company intranet or by reaching out to the Human Resources department.

Direct contact with the airline’s employee benefits or travel benefits teams can also guide the specifics of the Buddy Pass program.

Buddy Passes are a valuable perk for United Airlines employees, offering a cost-effective way to explore new destinations.

For further inquiries about Buddy Passes, you can contact United Airlines:

Toll-free phone number: 1-800-UNITED-1.

Email address: customer.care@united.com).

Postal address: United Airlines, Inc., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, USA.


United Airlines Buddy Passes represent a significant perk for employees, allowing them to share the joy of travel with friends and family at a reduced cost.

These passes encourage exploration, connection, and a greater appreciation for the benefits of working within the aviation industry.

As employees take advantage of this program, they not only enjoy personal travel experiences but also become ambassadors of United Airlines’ commitment to service and hospitality.

While the Buddy Pass doesn’t guarantee a seat, it opens up possibilities for affordable travel, making it a cherished benefit among United Airlines employees.

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