How to Retrieve Your Login Credentials on the Flying Together Platform

If you are a United Airlines employee and need to retrieve your login credentials for the Flying Together platform, you can follow these steps to reset your password:

Visit the Flying Together Login Page: Go to the Flying Together login page at

Find the ‘Forgot Password’ Link: On the login page, look for a link or a button that says “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password.” This is typically located below the login fields.

Enter Your Employee ID: Once you click the “Forgot Password” link, you will be prompted to enter your United user ID, which is your employee number.

Verify Your Identity: You may be asked to provide additional information to verify your identity. This could include your last name, date of birth, or other personal details that were provided to United when you were first employed.

Follow the Instructions: After entering the required information, follow the on-screen instructions. You may receive an email with a link to reset your password, or you may be able to reset it directly on the website.

Create a New Password: Choose a new password that is strong and secure. It should be something that others cannot easily guess but that you will remember. It’s usually recommended to use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Log In with Your New Credentials: Once your password has been reset, go back to the Flying Together login page and enter your employee ID and the new password you’ve just created.

Update Your Saved Passwords: If you use a password manager or have your old password saved on devices or browsers, make sure to update them with the new password to avoid confusion in the future.

Remember, keeping your login credentials secure is crucial.

Do not share your password with others and be wary of phishing attempts and fraudulent websites that may try to capture your login details.

If you encounter any issues during the process or need further assistance, you should contact United’s IT Service Desk for help.

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