Fix the Common Login Issues with United’s Flying Together Intranet

Troubleshooting common login issues with United’s Flying Together website involves addressing several potential problems that users may encounter.

Here are some steps and tips for resolving these issues:

Incorrect Login Credentials:

One of the most common issues is entering the wrong user ID or password.

Double-check that you’ve entered your credentials correctly, paying attention to case sensitivity and any possible typographical errors.

Forgotten Password or User ID:

If you’ve forgotten your password or user ID, you can use the password reset or user ID recovery features provided on the login page.

You will typically need to provide your employee number or other identifying information to retrieve or reset them.

Account Lockout:

After multiple failed login attempts, an account may be temporarily locked as a security measure.

If this happens, you may need to wait a set period before trying again or contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Browser Issues:

Sometimes, problems can arise from the web browser itself.

Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, or switch to a different browser to see if that resolves the issue.

Make sure you are using a supported browser that is up-to-date.

Network Problems:

Connectivity issues can prevent you from accessing the FlyingTogether website.

Ensure that your internet connection is stable.

You might want to try accessing the site from a different network to rule out local network problems.

Accessing the Correct URL:

Ensure you are visiting the correct login URL for the Flying Together intranet.

Using outdated bookmarks or links can lead you to the wrong page.

Always start from the official United Airlines website or the direct URL for the Flying Together intranet.

System Maintenance or Outages:

Sometimes, the website may be down for scheduled maintenance or unexpected outages. United Airlines usually communicates these periods in advance.

Check for any announcements regarding site status if you’re having trouble accessing the website.

MFA Issues:

If Multi-Factor Authentication is required, ensure that you have access to your authentication method (phone, email, authenticator app, etc.).

If you’re not receiving the MFA prompt or code, you may need to review your MFA settings or contact support for help.

Disabled Account:

If you’ve left the company or changed your employment status, your account may be disabled.

Contact United Airlines’ HR or IT department to determine if this is the case and what steps, if any, you can take.

Session Timeouts:

If you’re logged in but get frequently logged out or encounter session timeouts, this could be due to browser settings or security software.

Adjust your settings to allow for longer session times, and ensure that your security software isn’t interfering with your connection to the Flying Together website.

Security Software Conflicts:

Sometimes, antivirus programs or firewalls can block access to certain websites.

Temporarily disable your security software to see if it’s causing the issue.

If it is, add the Flying Together website to the software’s whitelist or exceptions list.

Outdated Operating System or Software:

Ensure that your operating system and any relevant software (like web browsers) are up to date.

Older versions may not be compatible with the latest security protocols used by the Flying Together website.

VPN or Proxy Issues:

If you’re using a VPN or proxy service, it might interfere with your ability to log in.

Try disconnecting from the VPN or proxy and attempt to log in again.

Cookies and JavaScript:

The Flying Together website may require cookies and JavaScript to function correctly.

Check your browser settings to make sure that cookies are enabled and JavaScript is allowed to run.

Contacting Support:

If you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps and still can’t resolve the issue, reach out to United Airlines’ IT Service Desk.

Be prepared to provide them with detailed information about the problem, any error messages you’ve received, and the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.

When contacting support, having your employee information handy, including your employee ID and any relevant personal details, will help expedite the process.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to note the time and date of when you experienced the issues, as this can assist the IT support team in diagnosing the problem more effectively.

By methodically working through these common troubleshooting steps, most login issues with United’s Flying Together website can be resolved.

If problems persist, professional support from United’s IT department will be necessary to regain access to your account.

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