FAQs on Flying Together United Airlines Intranet Login

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are primarily focused on United Airlines employee resources such as Flying Together and the United Intranet.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq on flying together united intranet login
Faqs on Flying Together United Intranet Login

Access and Login Issues

How do I access the United Intranet?

United employees can access the intranet by visiting ft.ual.com and logging in with their United ID (uID) and password.

What is my United ID (uID)?

Your United ID, or uID, is the unique identifier assigned to you as a United Airlines employee, which is used for logging into the company’s systems.

I forgot my United Intranet password. How can I reset it?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting the United login page and clicking on the “Password help” link for assistance.

Can I access the United Intranet from personal device?

Yes, employees can access the United Intranet from personal devices, but they must ensure that their device meets the company’s security requirements.

System Requirements and Accessibility

What are the system requirements for accessing Flying Together on my home computer?

System requirements for accessing the intranet typically include a compatible browser (such as the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge), a stable internet connection, and possibly a VPN if required by the company for security purposes.

Can I access Flying Together when I am not in the United States?

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection and your login credentials, you should be able to access Flyingtogether Login from anywhere in the world.

Platform Usage and Features

What is Flying Together?

Flying Together is United Airlines intranet platform for employees, providing access to company news, HR resources, scheduling tools, and travel information.

Is there a mobile app for Flying Together?

United Airlines may offer a mobile app for employees to access some of the features of Flying Together. Please check the app store or the Flying Together website for availability

How do I check my United Airlines employee schedule?

Employees can check their schedules by logging into Flying Together and navigating to the scheduling tools provided on the platform.

Are retirees able to use Flying Together?

United Airlines retirees typically have access to Flying Together for travel benefits and company news. However, access may be limited compared to active employees.

How do I update my personal information on the United Intranet?

Once logged in to Flying Together, you can update your personal information by navigating to the appropriate section within the HR resources or profile settings.

What is the difference between Flying Together and SkyNet?

Flying Together is the current employee intranet for United Airlines, while SkyNet was the previous name for the employee portal. The platform may have been updated or rebranded, so employees should use the current Flying Together site.

Travel and Benefits

Can I book travel for friends and family through Flying Together?

United Airlines employees may have the benefit of booking travel for friends and family.

To do so, log in to Flying Together and look for the travel or benefits section for instructions on how to book.

How do I sign up for or modify my travel benefits on the United Intranet?

To sign up for or modify your travel benefits, look for the travel or benefits section after logging into Flying Together, where you can manage your travel privileges.

Can I view or update my life insurance and retirement plan beneficiaries through Flying Together?

Employees can usually manage their life insurance and retirement plan details, including updating beneficiaries, by accessing the benefits section on the intranet.

Payroll and HR Resources

How do I access my pay stubs and tax documents through Flying Together?

Pay stubs and tax documents can generally be accessed by navigating to the payroll, finance, or HR section of the United Intranet after logging in.

Can I submit time-off requests through Flying Together?

Time-off requests can usually be submitted through the intranet by navigating to the scheduling or HR section and following the process outlined by the company.

Where can I find information about United Airlines’ employee assistance programs on Flying Together?

Information about employee assistance programs (EAP) can usually be found in the benefits or wellness section of the intranet.

Training and Development

How do I access training materials on Flying Together?

Training materials and resources can typically be found by logging into Flying Together and navigating to the learning or development section of the site.

Where can I access training and development opportunities offered by United Airlines on the intranet?

Look for a section dedicated to learning, development, or career growth after logging into Flying Together, where you can find information on available training programs, e-learning modules, and professional development opportunities.

Health, Safety, and Company Policies

Where can I find the latest updates on United Airlines’ health and safety protocols on Flying Together?

Health and safety updates are usually posted on the main page or in a dedicated health and safety section of the intranet, especially in light of ongoing changes due to health concerns.

Can I access information about union representation and labor agreements on the United Intranet?

If you are part of a unionized workforce, information about union representation and labor agreements can typically be found in the HR or union relations section of Flying Together.

How can I find out about United Airlines’ policies on employee conduct and ethics on Flying Together?

Employee conduct and ethics policies are typically available in the HR or policies section of Flying Together. Employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure compliance with company standards.

Communication and Networking

Is there a way to communicate with other United Airlines employees through Flying Together?

Some intranets offer internal messaging systems or forums where employees can communicate with one another. Check for features like a message center, discussion boards, or collaboration tools on Flying Together.

How do I find the United Airlines employee directory on Flying Together?

If available, the employee directory can be accessed by logging into Flying Together and looking for a directory or contacts link within the platform.

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